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Book Review: ‘Boot’

Author: Shane Hegarty; Illustrations: Ben Mantle; Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books an imprint of Hatchette Children’s Group, London

Let’s set the scene: Imagine waking up in a strange place with very few memories and not knowing your name. “Mmm, yes,” you may say, “but, that’s amnesia!” You would be correct, but it’s not a human who has woken up on a scrap heap, it’s a robot …and so, the tale of ‘Boot’ begins.

Shane Hegarty has crafted a story with characters which literally seem to jump off the page and into one’s imagination. Boot soon discovers that, together with his glitchy memories and cracked computer-screen face, he’s developed human feelings such as love, compassion, sadness and more.

There is one adventure after the other in this wonderful tale. All Boot wants to do is find his original owner, a snippet in his existing memory, but along the way he has to escape being crushed in the scrapyard and learn whom he can and cannot trust.


One of his greatest problems is that whenever he talks, the words just don’t come out the right way nor do his movements. I suppose you cannot imagine a computer being unable to communicate – after all he’s programmed via microchips. But, that’s the beauty of reading as one is transported into a world that is beyond reality – a journey of the imagination.


This is a book which will delight the younger members of the family when you spend time reading aloud; and, for those who are slightly older, you won’t want to put ‘Boot’ down!

This is the first of our Ripple Reading children’s book reviews. We hope that you will keep on returning to our site to discover even more exciting literary journeys. ‘Boot’ is distributed in South Africa by Pan MacMillan Kids and is available at all local book stores.

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