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n18Ripple Reading is a registered Non-profit Company which focuses on literacy and leadership development of children within disadvantaged communities. Our specialty is helping children of all ages to improve their reading and communication skills. Research indicates that below grade-level reading abilities and the lack of role models are significantly related to the development of aggressive antisocial behaviour. Learners with poor reading/communication skills and identified behavioural problems during childhood are considerably more likely to drop out of school and to have unstable work patterns.

Reading and communication skills form the basis of almost all learning, and the effect of literacy is widespread, creating bigger ripples in the lives of the learners and those they interact with daily. Our vision is to assist learners to attain a level of academic performance, which will enable them to take control of their futures – academically, emotionally and socially.


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Literacy programme for reading and communication skills

Ripple Reading assists disadvantaged schools by providing literacy training to identified children who are reading below their age appropriate level. Our literacy programme is a research based programme which includes a scientific assessment of reading difficulties. Our model of teaching literacy is based on phonological awareness, recognising that the letters of the alphabet represent sounds. One on one remedial intervention and computer based instruction is provided to learners.

The more you read, the more things you will know; the more that you learn, the more places you will go.Dr Seuss

Leadership developmentIMG_1375.1

Ripple Reading develops identified learners with academic, sporting and leadership abilities in the senior phase of their schooling. We focus on assessing and placing children in private and well run government schools with high academic standards, and mentoring them through their high school years to become men and women of integrity.

Leadership Development Programme

Entry into prestigious schools is for most boys and girls just a dream.  For a privilege few being accepted, these schools offers an all rounded education in all spheres of life.

The transition into High School is a challenging life transition in the development of young adults.  Many students are inadequately prepared for the psychological, emotional and academic realities of higher education.  The student is confronted with the challenges of High School, adjusting to the academic regimen, assuming responsibility for the tasks of daily living, and developing a new array of social relationships with peers and teachers.

At Ripple Reading we have developed an Assessment strategy, aimed at evaluating the personality factors, emotional maturity and social adjustment of the individual, which are according to Russell and Petrie (1992) factors all predictive of academic success in High School. We identify children already in grade 6, and through an array of programmes develop each individual to become the leaders they were meant to be.

As a Psychologist, Maryna Boddenberg is registered to administer an array of psychometric tests assessing personality factors, emotional maturity and social adjustment of the applicants. As these factors are all predictive of academic success in High School, these tests could provide valuable additional information to assist the Bursary Committees in awarding bursaries.

The Leadership camps assist the learners and developing competent children into exceptional citizens. We believe character is the foundation but leadership can be developed. We encourage, train and challenge each student to practice and grow in character and courage as they deal with both success and failure. We include seniors at our junior camps, fulfilling a mentoring role while they are also making a contribution. Humility and respect are developed by encouraging these learners to be involved in the wider community through participating in other outreach programmes. We value high academic standards, personal behavior and integrity. We expect each leader to attend annual leadership camps as well as other organized events. Ultimately, to be equipped to take responsibility, act with integrity and demonstrate impeccable character. A Leader on the Ripple Leadership programme must  have a willingness to learn and be teachable, accept failure, frustrations and success with dignity and humility and grow through every experience.

These camps will have a holistic approach, where the following aspects will be addressed:

  • Physical Development
  • Emotional development
  • Social Development
  • Work and  Study habits

We believe in building long lasting relationship by providing opportunity and stability. We start when the child is in grade 6 and walk the road of daily successes and failures with the child and the family. We get to know these children very well, and have managed up to know to have a very close and honest relationship with each one, based on mutual respect and involvement.

A tough challenge, but we invite you to help us shape children with potential that will otherwise never have the opportunity.

Social upliftmentDSCF0505

In many instances, children in our literacy and leadership development programmes come from backgrounds with limited financial and material resources. Part of the funding will be allocated to provide school uniforms and shoes, stationary and sports equipment to assist these learners to continue their schooling.

Ripple Readings Social Responsibility will reflect our values. We have an obligation investment in the communities in which we operate.

Research has shown for decades that education, health and safety outcomes for children in homes struggling with poverty remain some of the greatest challenges facing this country. “We are falling behind because we  are ignoring these problems”. The majority of children we work with live in informal settlements. Living conditions within these settlements are typically poor with residents facing a range of basic livelihood challenges, crime, HIV, TB,  including poor access to basic sanitation and water supply, solid waste accumulation, recurrent shack fires, safety and security risks, and a range of health hazards.

Despite the misery we witness frequently in our work, we are constantly inspired by cases of children and families empowered by our programmes to improve the quality of their lives.

The Ripple Approach.012

  • Care for the child first as part of the community.

  • Be genuine contributors to society, through sustainable programmes of action, societal engagement and upliftment.

  • Create a supportive relationship with beneficiaries.

  • Commitment to ensure accountability and transparency in all decision making processes.

  • Instil a feeling of individual self-worth by teaching and developing skills, self-sufficiency and personal pride.

  • We do not foster a spirit of entitlement, but rather one of empowerment.

  • Build self-respect by building self-reliance and a better self-image.

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