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Hard-work and education is the key to success

“Mrs Boddenberg and Mrs Robinson became my mentors. I got a bursary at Heron Bridge College. High school isn’t easy, but with moral support I coped easily.I was the shy girl who didn’t have much and was going into a high-school consisting of children who had it all; settling in, fitting in and adapting was difficult. I was always reminded that in life it’s not about where you are from , it’s about where you are going. Mrs Robinson believes in determination, hard-work and that education is the key to success and through her influence she has impressed a lot of good values in me.

They have always believed in me even when I ceased to believe in myself, the emotional workshops of Mrs Boddenberg really helped a lot. I have been groomed into the brave confident girl I am today. Words cannot describe how much I appreciate and value their presence in my life.”

– Mpho Mudau

Heron Bridge College