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How We Built Our Non Profit Company

This is the story of how our non profit company came into being…

As a registered Counselling Psychologist Maryna Boddenberg became involved at Nooitgedacht Primary School on an ad hoc basis, assisting with psychometric assessments and remedial therapy. Riana Robinson taught at Nooitgedacht Primary School. Riana started teaching at Nooitgedacht in 2009 and realized that the gaps in the system were huge. There were children that could not read and write and children in the same class that could compete academically with any child from another school. The leadership development program started, and specific needs were addressed.

It soon became clear during our contact with the children, that in most cases where children were performing poorly, they were not able to read and write properly!
Due to lack of financial resources resulting from irregular payment of school fees, we were informed that the school is unable to provide financial support.

After meeting Dr John Thurlow (Project Manager – Office of the MEC of Education), we were encouraged to start the process to register a non profit company in order to address this problem. Twenty computers were donated and money was raised from donors to buy the license for the computerized literacy program and accompany workbooks.

The program is based on:

  • Screening of the visual perceptual skills of each child, using an international accredited visual perceptual test.
  • One-on-one remedial intervention
  • Computer based program (Child can only continue if a certain level was attained)
  • Skills obtained are reinforced in workbooks.

We registered officially in 2013 and also received our PBO no. In 2013 we managed to get all the legal requirements out of the way, we continued with our one-on-one intervention as well as our leadership development program.