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Mandela Day: 18 July 2019

Mandela Day 18 July 2019 was greeted with great excitement by the Ripple Reading team. This was our first outreach in celebration of Madiba’s vision to assist South Africa’s neediest children on their path to literacy and achieving their educational potential.

The Riple Reading Team on Mandela Day July 2019 with the children of Malaika Orphanage in Kotze Street, Hillbrow
What a privilege to share the Mandela Day July 2019 festivities


When approached by CAPS Radio and MAD4U (a collection of university students based in Johannesburg) to collaborate on a project at the Malaika Orphanage Centre , there was no way in which we could turn down the opportunity.

On the Monday prior to Mandela Day we visited the orphanage to scope out the area which would be most suitable to create a library. There will be before and after pictures as soon as we have completed the project as glass has to be replaced in the windows before the books can be placed on display. This has already been promised to the orphanage and we will be notified as soon as they are ready for us to visit again.

Mandela Day Festivities

Although we had planned a programme for the children for Mandela Day when they returned from school, that particular segment never occurred but we did join in the festivities as you can see from these youtube links.

Thank You!

A really BIG SHOUT out of thanks has to go to the Rotary Humanitarian Centre Literature Project under the auspices of Rotary Bedfordview who donated 140 books. Next month we will feature an article on the Centre, it’s volunteers and the scope of the project. In addition, Riverside Country Estate very kindly donated popcorn for the 80 children at the orphanage – THANK YOU!

Malaika Orphanage Centre

Founder – Juma Sebichwu has created a haven for 80 children who, through no choice of their own have been abandoned or removed from untenable situations at home. He and his wife ensure that these children realise the importance of education and to this end enroll them at schools and run after-school programmes to enhance their literacy.


There is still so much to be done and the surrounding area is a total health hazard in so many ways. If there is anything you can do to assist, please contact Juma on 0837508228.

For Ripple Reading, however, Mandela Day at Malaika is definitely not only going to be a one-day event as we have been invited to read to and with the children on a regular basis… and we are going to be expanding their library continuously. If you are clearing out cupboards or school libraries, please contact us. More news to follow.

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