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Movie Review: Little (2019)

Based on an idea proposed by 10-year-old Marsai Martin and fleshed out by screenwriter Tracy Oliver and director Tina Gordon Chism, ‘Little’ is more than mere entertainment as it includes some thought-provoking ideas

Starring: Marsai Martin, Regina Hall, Issa Rae

When we’re young we cannot wait to become adults – rid of the braces, the gawkiness and most of all away from the bullies. Whether a girl or a boy, it really makes no difference – the situation is the same. This does, however, impact a holistic education as these victims are terrified of participating in certain events or standing out in any way at all as the perpetrators make life utterly miserable.

Back to school

Such is the case with 13-year-old Jordan Sanders (Marsai). Being extremely clever, with untamable hair and braces on her teeth – two assets which attract unwelcome attention, she dreams of the day she can escape from her tormentors.  Shift to the present where Jordan (Regina Hall) has become to a businesswoman who terrifies her employees, exacting her revenge on the ‘world’. She’s no match, however, for a child (Marley Taylor) who waves a ‘magic’ wand and transports Jordan back to her tween years.


Amongst the hilarity – going to bed as an adult and waking as a tween, with all its accompanying disasters, among which is having to go back to the school of her youth – there are some very salient points which arise. The themes of bullying, whether it be at school or in the workplace; the transformation of one’s self into a person you wouldn’t want to be or meet; the inability to delegate or listen to the ideas of other… I could go on, but I’d rather not. All I can say is ‘Little’ is well worth watching – it’s a movie to which everyone can relate in one way or the other.

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