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“Good day

During the July 2014 school holidays, Ripple Reading at Nooitgedacht Primary school arranged a program for our kids to continue with extra reading classes. The kids were attending twice a week through the entire holidays. After school holidays the performance of our kids always drop as they sit and do nothing at home. My son who is 8 years old from grade 2 now know how to read and he enjoyed holidays extra Ripple Reading classes so much that he was always looking forward to the next Ripple Reading class. Now every time we are driving to shops or somewhere he will even read the Billboards on the road and tell me what it says. What a good initiative. On the 18th July 2014, Mandela day, the kids and us the parents enjoyed the day so much as we were all cleaning and planting the trees and flowers in the garden next to the class and Ripple Reading team organised refreshments for all of us. Everyone who helped on Mandela day was issued with an honour badge and the kids cherished that very much. What an improvement, as a parent I am so happy with my sons progress. I also like to comment teacher Pulane for putting him onto the Ripple Reading class this year. His overall work rate in his class is also improved as the school report was excellent. Teacher Pulane Is also doing a good job with the grade 2 class. Ripple Reading group are the champions, the way they continue to do a good job at our school it’s remarkable, I am a very satisfied parent indeed.

I was so humbled when I found out that Ripple Reading are a non-profit group and they are helping our kids because they love the job they do. As parents we must help them get sponsorships so that they may continue doing the good job that they are doing.

Kind Regards

Bani Makobe