Ripple Reading | South Africa

Nooitgedact Primary School

We (Nooitgedact Primary School) have been part of the Ripple Reading learning Programme for some time now (approx 2-3 years).  As head of the Department Foundation Phase I would like to thank everyone involved in their hard  work, dedication and for allowing our learners to reap the educational benefits that Ripple Reading has to offer.
Our learners love to go to the Ripple Reading class.  They learn a lot and they have fun.  The individual attention they receive there is priceless.
As an educator I can see the progress in the learners’ schoolwork with regard to attending Ripple Reading classes.  Perceptual skills are refined, phonic awareness is improved and reading skills are at a higher level along with comprehension abilities.  Even their social skills have improved since attending classes.
Thank you kindly for the opportunity.
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