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Nourish our Hearts and Souls

“I am a high school student at Jeppe Boys. My name is Magnus and I am one of the first few chosen candidates of the Ripple Reading programme. I have been to a few of the camps and to be really honest, going to camp is the one of the best things that I have ever done. The camps organized by Ripple Reading aren’t your usual and typical camps. They are camps that nourish our hearts and souls. They have honestly brought depth to my life. These camps provide a platform for us to grow as men and they teach us the fundamentals of being a man. They give us the adventure we need as men. There is really something special about these camps coordinated by Ripple Reading. In my opinion, they will be of great significance to anyone that goes to one and they will change lives of those that go to them (personally speaking). The objectives is of these camps are really great significance. It is really difficult to explain the atmosphere and the importance of these camps because it’s personal and for someone to really know and understand they would have to go on one themselves, to experience it themselves. I would fully encourage someone (anyone as a matter of fact) to go to one and Ripple Reading to organize more of these camps, it would be a decision no one would ever regret.”

– Magnus Msiza