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Review: Umbrella Mouse

Anna Fargher has created a parallel universe with ‘Umbrella Mouse’, where animals take centre stage and, in particular, a little mouse named Pip, who resides in an umbrella … that is until a bomb explodes and shatters the world as she knows it.

Although the setting is World War II, this is a story which will resonate with children throughout the world. Viewing the devastating effects of war through the eyes of a little mouse, meeting her friends as she bravely faces the future, becomes a journey of discovery.

It’s no secret that there are many ‘real-life animal heroes’, such as the dogs who detect survivors under piles of rubble or sense a bomb in a suitcase to name but two instances. This was as true in World War II as it is today.


The Hanway mouse family have lived in an antique umbrella, in a London-based umbrella shop, for over a century. Pip, an adventurous little Umbrella Mouse, has known no other home… in fact, besides exploring the store and the one next door, she’s never set a foot elsewhere. Fascinated by the interactions in the shop and being inquisitive by nature, Pip cannot wait for her parents to settle down at night so that she can continue with her investigations.

Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she would lose her parents and, as an orphan, to fend for herself in a strange and frightening world. Befriended by a rescue terrier named Dickin, Pip learns that ‘you just need to find a little courage in your heart to begin something new’.


Anna Fargher


Sam Usher


MacMillan Children’s Books



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