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They’re the lost generation, the ones who fell through the cracks. Their pasts reverberate through their lives and society as a whole.

Ripple Reading is a registered non-profit, public-benefit organisation that focusses on literacy to give people the opportunities that they might never have in life. Based in the North of Johannesburg, Ripple Reading works in partnership with government schools to give children who are struggling with reading the skills they need to succeed.

Most of the children passing through the Ripple Reading system come from disadvantaged backgrounds. Their parents never had schooling to help them in today’s competitive world.

Children who are reading below their age appropriate level are identified and entered into the programme alongside their normal school activities. Ripple Reading employ retired teachers and pair them with a student studying teaching and together they implement our tested program during school hours with small groups of 10 children.

Currently Ripple Reading is working in three schools in the north of Johannesburg. From 2009 when we took in five learners, we now have 265 children in the Ripple Reading programme. But with 792 under-performing schools in Gauteng alone, the education gap between rich and poor will continue to grow unless we get your help. Please help us to continue building better futures for children in need.

The Ripple Reading program has been implemented in previously disadvantaged schools and has made an incredible difference. Our impact extends even further than literacy.

Take John (not his real name), a boy who really struggled to read. He behaved badly and was constantly in trouble. John’s teacher sent him to Ripple Reading and after just 12 months he was reading on grade level and excelling at maths. As his self-esteem improved, so did his behaviour, and he even surprised us by becoming the top chess player in grade 2. We made an enormous, positive impact on John’s chance for a better life. 

Since 2013, the Ripple Reading program has changed the lives of more than 400 children. We aim to implement our intervention in various other Former Model C schools in South Africa.

At Ripple Reading we have created a scalable, sustainable and cost-effective success recipe.

Join us in our vision of a South Africa in which people can read with understanding.

It is not a dream—it’s a real possibility

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