About Us

Our Mission

To equip foundation phase teachers to be competent, committed, and passionate professionals.


Our Vision

Our vision is one of continuous high quality professional development that identifies and addresses critical issues related to the education sector to  open-up a world of opportunities and improve the education system.

Ripple Reading Values

  • Education is the focus
  • Continuous development 
  • Mutual respect and responsibility
  • Collaboration 
  • Integrity and excellence
  • Honest and ethical in all our dealings
  • To treat all members of the school community equally and give fair opportunities to all
  • To be a genuine contributor to society, through sustainable programmes of action, societal engagement and upliftment
  • Give hope and make learning fun!

Our Focus

Ripple Reading’s focus

Ripple Reading has broadened its focus into a variety of platforms to reach all passionate about education. 2018 saw the successful launch of the Ripple Reading Teachers’ Conference at the Silver Star Casino and feedback gleaned has highlighted a number of topics as themes for inter-active workshops, seminars and conferences in 2020 and beyond. Drawing on a source of professionals in their fields both national and international, the Ripple Reading events will provide plenty of food for thought as well as practical advice. “Intervention must begin at the Foundation Phase, and this is Ripple Reading’s core focus.”

“With a specially designed curriculum based on neuro cognitive development, Ripple Reading focus on empowering all in education on the advantage of multi-sensory activities in the classroom and on the playground. By working together and investing in the future of all working with children, we can make a difference and ensure a brighter future for bright children!

Ripple Reading in a nutshell

Ripple Reading registered in 2013 with the mission to support and empower children from impoverished areas, to learn to read with understanding. Our programme invites the children to positively engage with learning material in an interactive and exciting programme that is powered by research, fuelled by experience and implemented by a dynamic team.

Ripple Reading is registered as a non-profit and public-benefit organisation and, as more than 98% of the Ripple Reading beneficiaries are historically disadvantaged, donations receive 100% recognition for B-BBEE scorecard purposes.

At Ripple Reading, we envision a South Africa, where children can read on grade level with understanding. Currently, as many as 61% of Grade 3 learners do not have age-appropriate reading skills, which means that they are 4 times more likely to drop out of school than proficient readers. Consequently, South Africa has a dropout rate of more than 50%.

At Ripple Reading, we believe that we have the power to reduce the dropout rate. Joan de Beer, a teacher and educational psychologist with decades of experience, has developed our tested intervention programme, which has since been further developed and upgraded.

The Ripple Reading programme has been implemented in previously disadvantaged schools, where it has made a significantly positive difference.

Ripple Reading has already made a difference to many learners and wants to continue doing so by expanding our footprint of schools, leaving a lasting and positive legacy for future generations.