What People are Saying

We (Nooitgedact Primary School) have been part of the Ripple Reading learning programme for some time now (approx 2-3 years). As head of the Department Foundation Phase I would like to thank everyone involved for their hard work, dedication and ….

C. Allen
HOD - Nooitgedact School: Foundation Phase

I just loved the idea of making a difference and the empowerment and sense of purpose given by ‘retired’ teachers – I really don’t know what your aspirations are for the organisation, but wouldn’t it be lovely to ‘use’ retired…..

Val Witt
Principal - Crossroads School

On behalf of myself and my spouse, I would like to express our sincere gratitude for Brent’s new school shoes and socks! I am so moved with what you have done for Brent! Thank you very very much!!


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, we are grateful of all the help you have provided to all children from different background, we thank you for your selfless and we really appreciate all you have done.

May God bless you and your family, may he continue to give you strength and bless you with many more years so that your contribution to our society can be seen, felt and also recognized.

I am 200% sure that our son appreciates all you have done for him and to other boys and girls.

Best Regards

Joseph Malebye
Maintenance Planner, Solenta Aviation Workshop (Pty) Ltd

Mpho, Ntwaage – attended Ripple Reading since Grade 2 in 2016.

She has a reading problem. Her knowledge of Phonics and reading were below the requirement of Grade 3 level.

Since 2017 she attends Ripple Reading once a week. Slowly she started to make progress.

At the end of 2017 her reading and comprehension had improved a lot. This year in 2018 she is blooming and both her work and self confidence has changed completely.

She is really now a star in class!!

Mrs. Steenkamp

Phiwokuhle Sibisi came as a new learner to my class from a local school. There was clearly no Grade 1 foundation. He was very aware that he didn’t cope and was a fighting cock and daily involved in conflicts. He couldn’t read and he had no phonic awareness.

I did the Sounds travel phonics programme with him and Ripple Reading assisted him with excellent material. This boys life changed completely from being illiterate to a keen reader.

Mrs. Wessel

Nkala Mthandeni – attended Ripple Reading since Grade 1 in 2016.

He was repeating Grade 1 in 2017.

By attending Ripple Reading, his reading skills improved a lot. He was now able to identify sight words, know phonics, build his own simple words and build his own grade level sentences. It also helped him develop the love for reading. He was a distributive learner in class, but at the end he was using his time reading when he was finished with his work in class.

He is now in Grade 2A.

Mrs. T Mthethwa
Grade 1A Teacher

Mrs Maryna Boddenberg, played a valuable role as an experienced Psychologist providing remedial assistance to our learners at Nooitgedacht Primary for the past 3 years. These remedial lessons also included literacy training for learners, who were reading below their age appropriate level. Many of our learners benefited positively from the Literacy Training. As her work involved diagnostic assessments of the learners, she assisted us in the placement of learners who were really struggling academically, in our Special Needs class. As a result these children are really flourishing, both emotionally and academically, as they are now experiencing for the first time success in their level of ability.

During this time she has proven to be a dedicated and gifted person, who desires to motivate and inspire others. Mrs. Boddenberg’s success at this school solely depends on her ability to work with children in an easy, calm and sympathetic manner and thus uplifting the poor and the disadvantaged.

My best wishes accompany Mrs. Maryna Boddenberg, she is an asset to our school

Mrs Marinda van Niekerk
Foundation Phase Teacher

Congratulations on refining this remarkable project that brings hope and positivity to not only the Blair Atholl Primary community, but can make a remarkable difference in communities across South Africa. Your project is practical and fulfilled. It is measurable and integrates very creatively with so many other skills and activities that I was truly stunned by this.

I now want to challenge each teacher to stamp their own with the skills they received from Ripple Reading. You are talented and have a lot of energy to build this project to further excellence.

Mnr. J.J. van Niekerk
Manager, Forever Friday

The difference between just another project and one like this one from Ripple Reading / Blair Atholl lies mainly in the fact that the meseo and macro environments are also involved in the mobilization of people, resources and processes. Innovative thinking at all levels then brings forth new energies and ways of thinking that create new possibilities of being and living!

Dr. Charles Viljoen

You mean a lot to us as a family, helping our children get a better education. You are a very caring and loving person. The amount of time and effort you put into other’s lives is amazing. And we will always keep you in our thoughts and that The Creator of heaven & earth always be with you.

Lekalakala Family

When Tlotliso Makobe came to my class in Grade 2, he could not read at all. I encouraged him to read at home by giving him supplementary readers.

Every morning we would read as a class. Sometimes I would ask individuals to read and he was always prepared to read.

He joined the Ripple Reading programme which basically teach them sounds and how to read. The individual attention benefited him as he gained confidence because of it.

His father sent an email to the Principal thanking me for what I did for his child through reading.

Ms. Pulane Makata
Grade 2 Teacher