Educational Mentoring Program



Mentoring is often defined as a professional partnership in which an experienced person (the mentor) assists another (the mentee) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person’s professional, personal and career growth.

Mentoring should be viewed as a relationship rather than a management activity. It should be a safe, non-judgmental relationship that facilitates a wide range of learning, experimentation, and development.


The purpose of the mentoring program is to provide an additional level of developmental support for a mentee that is covered by academic / subject knowledge-based information and application methods.

The program provides a platform whereby a mentor and mentee can create a confidential mentoring process aimed at assisting the mentee to achieve personal and professional growth.

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The success of a mentoring program will depend significantly on the attitude and commitment of the individual being mentored; they will need to have a clear idea of what they want to achieve from the mentoring program. The responsibility for making things happen and putting plans into action lies primarily with the mentee

For a mentee, there are many potential benefits by participating in a mentoring program; these include:

  • improved self-awareness and confidence
  • advice and information on career and professional development
  • increased job satisfaction and motivation


The mentor’s role is critical to ensure the success of the mentoring program. The mentor assumes responsibility for guiding, advising, and facilitating the need as identified and outlined or described by the mentee. In addition, the mentor will need to support the mentee with adequate and appropriate subject knowledge, content and methodology as requested.

The mentor will ideally be an experienced within Education and field of subject and grade and will also:

  • have chosen to act as a mentor and be committed to the process
  • be prepared to share experience and pass on skills to others
  • have a genuine interest in developing others
  • have an enthusiastic and positive attitude towards the program
  • command the respect and trust of other people

The mentoring program should provide a non-threatening environment in which the mentee feels able and willing to express their concerns and anxieties, as well as discussing their ideas and aspirations.

Mentors who undertake the role will receive added training material which will help them understand their responsibilities and build relevant skills.

The Mentoring Process


Application for the mentoring program is available throughout the year, however, the matching process will take place as and when a mentee applies for a mentor.
Potential mentors should complete the Mentor Application Form identifying their areas of expertise and why they would like to become a mentor. The completed form should then be sent to

Matching process

This is a crucial part of the process to achieve a productive program. The mentor and mentee will be matched based on the information supplied on the application forms. Skills and experience offered by the mentor will be registered and when the mentees register, they will be matched based on the specific areas they are seeking support in, and skills and experience they are looking for in a mentor.

The program is only accessible to the mentee if there is a suitable mentor available.

The Mentoring Agreement

It is essential that at the beginning of the mentoring program both parties are clear about their role and the expectations from each other. The best way of ensuring this is to create a mentoring agreement which details the ground rules for the program. Some guidelines of what should be discussed and included within the mentoring agreement can be found in the application form, this discussion should be recorded on the mentoring agreement form.

Duration of the mentoring program

The program is calculated on an hourly (60min) time frame, the attendee may apply for additional time and will be billed accordingly. During a session the attendee may request additional time whereby the mentor may approve to continue, the attendee automatically agrees to settle the account / billing within 3 days after the session has been executed.


The mentor will be required to be online no less than 5 minutes prior to the time scheduled for the session to commence. There will only be one warning notice given and thereafter will be subject to be struck out of the mentorship program.

Mentees will be expected to be on time as scheduled and confirmed prior to the commencement date. The mentor may only provide a window of 3 minutes to wait for a mentee to join and may start the needs and session. The mentee may join during the session but cannot expect the mentor to refresh or go back to a portion already covered. The only time the mentor may refresh information is during the closing and if there is time left at the end of the session.

There cannot be any refunds claimed if the mentee is late or did not show up for a session. Should the session be delayed due to mentor difficulties the mentees may request another time to be schedule or a credit. Should a mentor not clock in for the session the mentor will be held responsible and taken off the program.

There will be a 24hour grace period to request a postponement with Ripple Reading and based on facts it will be approved or declined.


The content of mentoring conversations is confidential.

Equally, to maintain trust and facilitate a productive mentoring program, the mentee should be discrete about the
information they share with others about the mentoring program.

The information collected from the application forms will be held securely by Ripple Reading for matching purposes.
Only those involved in the matching process will be able to see the contents of the mentoring applications.

Any documentation on the mentoring session held by the mentor and mentee must be confidential and no content of
the mentoring program meetings should be shared, unless agreed by both the mentor.

Ripple Reading Team